09 September 2022

BMS Founder Celebrity Guest on 'Sigue La W' for W Radio Colombia: Death of Elizabeth II 9.09.2022


On the day after the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II, BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills was invited as a special celebrity guest on Colombia’s W Radio for the programme ‘Sigue La W’.

Thomas joined some of the most recognised names in journalism throughout Colombia such as Juan Pablo Calvás; Andrea Díaz; Paola Herrera; Mauricio Beltrán, judicial journalist, and Carlos Contreras to discuss the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II, what her loss means to the United Kingdom and the world, and how the British Monarchy will carry on with a new reign, a new King, and a new Prime Minister.

W Radio in Colombia, a Hispanic radio network that belongs to the PRISA media conglomerate of Spain. ‘Sigue La W’ is broadcast to South Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Orlando and also Spain, Central America and Panama, and is directed and presented by the journalist Juan Pablo Calvás.

Thomas joins a long list of international celebrities to appear on W Radio’s ‘Sigue La W’ such as: President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden; former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela; ex secretary of State, Mike Pompeo; Former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon; Congressman Jim McGovern; British Ambassador to the United Nations, Jeremy Greenstock; Martin Luther King III; High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell; Former president of the European Parliament,Martin Schulz; Former president of Spain, Felipe González; Former president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont; Former president of Uruguay, José Mujica; President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera; Vice President of Brazil, Hamilton Mourão, and more.