Saturday 17 April 2021. Windsor Castle. The Funeral of The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, has appeared on the “Lizzy Crown Show” on BBC Radio Herford/Worcester in the run up to the Funeral of The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Speaking on the programme just minutes before the start of the Funeral procession at Windsor, the Founder joined Lizzy Crow in reminiscing about the Duke of Edinburgh, his life, his accomplishments, and what his legacy will be for the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Realms. Recalling several aspects of the Duke’s life and his contributions, as well as meeting the Prince, the Founder also outlined the current situation within the Royal family and how the rift between Princes Harry and William may be healed. This programme is 15 minutes and 35 seconds in length.

Listen to the interview here

Audio/Visual Credit: BBC Radio Hereford/Worcester