The British Monarchists Society

BMS Education

The British Monarchists Society is built on education and the desire to further people’s understanding of the Crown, what it is, what it means, and how it is funded. The Crown is both tangible and intangible, and certainly more than just an ideology. It is more than a symbol to be worn. It is a way of life. The British Monarchists Society is dedicated to education and helping people understand the place of Her Majesty, The Queen and the wider Royal family within our system of government which is both Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

Together with our Patrons, Educational Supporters and Experts, the British Monarchists Society works with primary and secondary schools, partakes in debates and workshops, and further attends lectures and conferences to further educate about the system of government within the United Kingdom and the Realms. The British Monarchists Society undertakes the following aspects in the wider distribution of education through:

  • Visiting Primary Schools
  • Visiting Secondary Schools
  • Attending and organising Workshops
  • Attending and organising lectures
  • Attending media interviews and media requests to further educational understanding
  • Entering into debates with anti-monarchy factions
  • Delivering speeches
  • Creating, publishing and distributing educational materials (ie, books and magazines)
  • Creating and initiating a country-wide education programme titled “The Red Box Educational Programme”.