9 September 2015

BMS Concrete Queen in "De Volkskrant"


British Monarchist Society Chairman, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills was quoted in “De Volkskrant” on 9th September 2015 in an article about architecture and The Queen by of Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant”

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Concrete Queen

The Queen Elizabeth Buildings article today is Queen Elizabeth II’s longest-reigning monarch of Great Britain. By way of homage (and time frame): the most striking buildings that are named after her. And what did her majesty about it?
By: Patrick van IJzendoorn September 9, 2015, 02:00

As for Buckingham Palace, it is business as usual, but for the British monarchy Wednesday is a special day. Queen Elizabeth will pass her great-grandmother Victoria, the 23 226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes, sat on the throne, or 63 years and seven months. Thus, the 89-year-old monarch, yet always in perfect health, a British record. In the words of Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood is she a familiar and constant source of stability, security and inspiration: a permanent anchor in a fast moving world. “

She has served twelve Prime Ministers of advice, almost all the countries visited on the globe and opened thousands of buildings. Conscientiousness is its characteristic and according to historians, they will also go down in history as ‘Elizabeth Duty Faithful’. As reward for this service are dozens of major buildings named after her. “It often involves buildings that technologically are the cream of the crop, say something about the time, ‘says Thomas Mace Archer-Mills of the British Monarchist Society,” They must be appropriate. You would not suggest a sewage pumping station to honour Her Majesty. “