BMS Chairman, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, is interviewed by CBC Egypt’s Lamis Elhadidi as she hosts her show Hona Alasema (Here is the Capital) with special coverage from London, the capital of the Qatari opposition conference which the Chairman was present at on Thursday, 14 September. The Chairman was also a guest speaker/panelist as well as the introductory speaker at the event where he dicussed the topic of Constitutional Monarchy in the Middle East. From Arabic: This is the capital of the Qatari Opposition Conference in London & paragraph 4 + 1 with the media Ibrahim Al-Jarhi and the novelist Afaf Al-Sayed and the political Amira Al-Adly and Eng. Amr Fares | 16 September 2017″.  You can see his contribution to this programme at 44:57. To watch this segment, please click on the photo or click here.