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Our #BMSCampaigns are designed to support, defend, and protect many different aspects of the British Crown in the 21st century. The Society outlines several different campaigns each Parliament that we feel would help better The Crown, as well as bring education about it to the nation and greater world population. Below you will find our latest campaigns as we head into the new year, with some spanning for several years at a time, until we complete our desired goals. Visitors to our site will also find a selection of our most successful campaigns to date. Will you join us by supporting our efforts to #support, #protect, and #defend the British Crown and all it encompasses? 

Our Current Campaigns:

  • The Platinum Jubilee Statue Initiative 2022:

The British Monarchists Society has been featured in numerous media outlets over the past few weeks with Core Patron – Sir David Amess’ mention in the House, that the organisation wishes to erect a statue of Her Majesty, the Queen, in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. It is hoped that all of our Patrons will support this initiative with a letter of support from their offices. We have secured the services of our Patron and Royal Sculptor, Christian Corbet, who has provided a sketch for us as to what the statue may look like. We are unable to release a copy of this sketch as it is under copyright, but as soon as we are given permission, you will be some of the first to see it. The sketch shows Her Majesty in the robes of state, draping over the plinth, and wearing the coronation necklace, however without a tiara. There is still a lot of work to be done with this initiative and the first hurdle is gaining Parliamentary support so that we can make a formal approach to the Palace. We will be conducting a poll as to which tiara from the Royal Collection the people and Parliamentarians would like to see Her Majesty wearing, so that the artist can incorporate this choice into his final sculpture. You can read a selection of articles featuring the BMS Statue Initiative on the links below: 


  • Proposed CHANGE to the Sovereign Support Grant:  #BMSDefendingCrownFinances

There is a lot of misinformation circulated in the media and amongst people that truly do not know or understand how Royal finances work, the place of The Crown in every day lives etc, and this is what we do – aim to educate and help The Crown when it needs us to do so. We all know that there are many misconceptions of how the monarchy is funded and part of this is down to the inclusion of HM Treasury in the equation of the Sovereign Support Grant. We have devised a way to help reduce confusion and misconception that The Crown uses taxpayers money by creating the following campaign. 

Last week Clarence House issued its annual review of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. This review showed a large reduction in spending with a higher charitable output. A small portion of the income of the Duchy of Cornwall comes from the Sovereign Support Grant (SSG), a funding equation we would like to see altered to better fit the Palace and efforts to fight misinformation and comingling of public/private funds. The BMS supports the terms of SSG funding structure, however we would like to see the Treasury removed as an intermediary, as the inclusion of HM Treasury gives rise to the flat out misconception that the Public fund the operations of the Monarchy.

The BMS proposes that the SSG be altered so that The Crown Estate pays the Palace directly, and only after this payment is made, the remaining profits from The Crown Estate are deposited into the HM Treasury for public consumption. This small change in the SSG will stop the aggressive smear tactics of the republic campaign, improve education about Royal funding and the existence/purpose of The Crown Estate, and further prove to the British public that the Crown, not their pockets, fund the monarchy. This change would more importantly stop HM Treasury from comingling private and public funds, which is illegal in most cases. As proper accounting structures are in place through the Palace, The Crown Estate, and HMRC, there is no reason that such a small change in the SSG should lead to any other issues – it will actively seek to reduce issues, battle mis-information, and keep accounts tidy and less muddled. We are seeking the thoughts of our membership as to what else could be done to help uncomplicate the SSG and how it is administered in regard to education and public understanding. Your contributions can be sent to:
  • Head of State Portrait – Follow Canada and Australia’s Example:

Currently the United Kingdom does not offer or provide a formal State Portrait/photograph of Her Majesty as our Head of State when requested by Schools, Colleges, Universities, and the public. Australia and Canada currently provide such a portrait upon request through the Governor General’s Office, which is then posted to the party requesting it. In Canada, there is a strict limit of one photographic portrait per person, per household/address. The BMS would like to see a similar initiative for the public within the United Kingdom that would allow interested parties who would like a portrait of our Head of State to be supplied one upon request. This is a fairly inexpensive way to bring patriotism into our homes and places of civic instruction. It is further a way to educate through identification, the place of the Queen in British society, which harks back to previous decades where nearly all homes and civic institutions displayed a proud image of the Monarch. The above campaigns have been sent to our extensive list of Patrons within Parliament and we have appealed to our Patrons to volunteer spearheading these campaigns throughout this current Parliament. As we receive updates, you will be amongst the first to know. 

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