26 October 2014

BMS in Tempo Dunia Indonesia: Queen happy with Indy-Ref Result


Queen happy with Scot-Indy Referendum result: BMS Chairman Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills has appeared in the Indonesian Paper Tempo Dunia.

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Scotland’s Queen Elizabeth Girang

by: Tempo.co Wednesday, September 24, 2014 10:58 AM EDT
TEMPO.CO- The rejection of the Scottish referendum is good news for The United Kingdom, especially for Prime Minister David Cameron. However, it’s not just Cameron who is happy with the news. Queen Elizabeth was also excited to learn Scotland was off the ground and would remain under The United Kingdom’s control.

Quoted byReuters onTuesday, September 23, 2014, the news was delivered directly by Cameron while attending a united nations general assembly session in New York, UNITED STATES. A TV crew accidentally asked Cameron about Scotland while talking to former New York Mayor Michale Blooomberg.

“When I called the Queen, she sounded very happy. I’ve never heard anyone so happy like that,” Cameron said. (Read:Winning the Referendum, PM Cameron: Need Reform) Speaking to reporters, Cameron also admitted he was very stressed waiting for the results of the vote count. With a narrow 50-45 victory, Cameron said he had been frustrated with Scotland’s independence plans. “I did not expect the result of the vote will be such a thin difference. It felt like I wanted to go to the organizing committee and sue them for making my stomach hurt. I’m very nervous,” Cameron said.  After the referendum was rejected, Cameron planned to reform government and a fair settlement for commonwealth countries, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. On the other hand, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond decided to resign from his post after efforts to free his country were rejected by a majority of citizens. (Read: Referendum Rejected, Scottish PM Backs Down)

MISS P. HESTYA | Reuters

Cuitan itu langsung dicuit ulang hingga 40 ribu kali dan difavoritkan oleh 42 ribu lebih akun Twitter dalam waktu dua hari. Hingga hari ini, akun @BritishMonarchy sudah memiliki 851 ribu pengikut. (Baca: Skotlandia Tak Jadi Merdeka, Ratu Elizabeth Girang)

“Ratu berusaha menunjukkan bahwa beliau ingin mengikuti perkembangan teknologi dan merangkul masyarakat lewat Twitter,” kata pimpinan British Monarchist Society, Thomas Mace Archer-Mills.