The British Monarchists Society

BMS America

The British Monarchists Society America has officially opened its first overseas branch. Based near the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the BMS America focuses on education, Royal support, and brotherhood for all those who support and have an interest in the British monarchy. The Society is a membership based forum for American supporters and admirers of the British Crown, the British Monarchy, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and her family in particular, who see the system of Constitutional Monarchy as a positive and respectable form of governance.

With respect to the American republican system within operation throughout the United States of America, the BMS America exists to strengthen the understanding of, and further education about the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States of America through the diplomatic abilities of the British Monarchy. The roots of America are born from the British Crown, henceforth this Society exists to provide a place for like-minded people, Anglophiles, and supporters of the British Crown to come together and show their support. The British Monarchists Society in America is a branch of the British Monarchists Society in the United Kingdom.

It is the vision of the British Monarchists Society in America to have a branch in each region of the nation, with proper branch administration to organise events, outings, and visits to the United Kingdom. Currently there is a branch of the British Monarchists Society on the East Coat of America and also in the Midwest. Should you, or someone you know, wish to apply to create a branch in your area, please contact the Branch Coordination Officer at