23 APRIL 2018



601 International House, W1B 2QD

From the Communications Office

23 April 2018


Subject: Birth of Cambridge Baby Three: What do we celebrate?

Another Royal baby has come into the Windsor Family. We wish our utmost congratulations to Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, who was safely delivered of a son, in the presence of Prince William, at 1101hrs. The new Royal baby weighs 8lbs 7oz and his name will be released within the coming days according to Royal tradition. Her Royal Highness and her little Prince are both doing well. We wish every happiness to the Cambridge family!

Though this is a celebratory and jubilant time for the Cambridge, wider Royal family, and the Kingdom itself, we must highlight the many issues surrounding over-population of our planet, which several outlets reported at the time of the Duchess’ pregnancy announcement, and further recognise those who are less fortunate and unable to bear children of their own. As the future King and Queen of not only the United Kingdom but 15 other nations in total, we expect Cambridge to set an example and highlight the plight of national and international issues which are a detriment to humanity. We look to our Royal family to set an example, and through the birth of a baby is joyous news indeed, overpopulation, food shortages, and other issues affecting the wider human population, in all corners of the globe, further highlight the privilege and everyday luxuries that we and our Royal family take for granted.

On this day, when a third baby is born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, let us be reminded of and say a prayer for the mothers who have lost their young, those unable to have children of their own, and the very children born into impoverished societies with less than hygienic, safe and secure conditions – their lives are in stark contrast to that of Cambridge baby three and deserve every bit of care, concern and nurturing that we have displayed with the news of the Royal birth this morning. For the women who have also born children on this day, regardless of their social, financial, and familial status, we wish them our heartfelt congratulations on this celebratory day.