BMS Artist-in-Residence

Mr. Bill Tierney has been an artist all his life, with the study of art being the foremost interest and hobby of his existence. Beginning his career in grade school, Bill replicated the well-known religious works and themes of his favourite Master artists, Raphael, and Da Vinci. Undertaking multiple art classes throughout his primary and secondary education, Bill completed a two-year course in commercial art at the St. Paul Technical Vocational Institute, and further trained at the Minnesota River School of Fine Art, where he excelled in the Flemish style of oil painting. His personal style of painting is representative of a time when life was easier and happier.

Since his university days, Bill has completed countless professional commissions for people and organisations all over the world, including churches in Russia and Tanzania. The largest concentration of his commissions includes, but are not limited to America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Mr. Tierney has completed and sent paintings to Saint Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict, receiving lovely thank you letters from each of their respective Secretary of States. In 1994 Bill illustrated the children’s book, The Special One, by Trish Keating, the Story of a Police Dog, and is currently working on illustrating another children’s book. 2019 saw Bill complete a vast work comprised of several painted murals in a classical style, tropical flora and the images of classical statues, spanning all four walls and the ceiling of the large drawing room within historic Georgian mansion, 300 Clifton, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Honoured to have completed eight new commissions for the British Monarchists Society in 2020, Bill stated how he very much enjoyed undertaking the various Christmas scenes which provided a fun, yet cultural experience, spanning the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He looks forward to further commissions from the Society and is pleased to be the Artist-in-Residence to this fantastic heritage organisation.