of BMS Membership

Are there benefits to joining the British Monarchists Society? The answer is YES!

So great are the benefits of membership, the cost of joining is completely offset by the savings. Not only do you get to mix with like minded individuals and be a part of a larger family, The British Monarchists Society provides great value throughout all levels of membership, with discounts, savings, two-for-one deals, and much more. Members enjoy a BMS branded and numbered membership card, as well as affiliate discount cards and exclusive access to the latest West End Club membership apps via download capabilities, depending on the level of membership purchased.

BMS members get more than they can imagine with an annual membership of the British Monarchists Society. Premium level memberships include the Passport to Britannia and the Passport Plus, however prime memberships such as Pearl and Armed Forces levels can take advantage of several relationships created with our members in mind. The more that BMS members use their membership tools, discount savings cards, and membership apps, the more money they will save throughout the year – a savings greater than the cost of membership itself!

Not only do members recover the cost of their membership through the amount of savings accumulated over the year, but they also enjoy special “members only” perks such as corporate rates at participating hotels in and around London. The benefits of membership associated with the British Monarchists Society have never been so extensive. Well known luxury brands, restaurants, shops, hotels, theatres, car-hire companies, and many more High-Street retailers are waiting to welcome BMS members with superior service and extensive savings at our member’s fingertips with the newly launched West End Club app. Members receive:

  • An exclusive membership welcome pack with merchandise.
  • Numbered membership card.
  • Secure login access to members only content on website.
  • Personalised Christmas and Birthday cards.
  • Enrolment in the exclusive Passport to Britannia and Britannia Plus rewards programme – according to level of membership purchased.
  • Group access and pricing to certain exclusive Royal events.
  • Priority access to national events sponsored by the BMS.
  • Advanced ticket sales, early access, and priority inclusion at our events.   
  • And much, much, more!

As a valued BMS member, you can rest assured that not only is there direct benefit and value to you in becoming a member of the Society, but you will further have the peace of mind knowing that your initial membership fee has helped to further endorse and spread education about the Crown around the United Kingdom and the globe!

Won’t you join us by becoming a member today…