The British Monarchists Society

Benefits of Membership

Is there a benefit to joining the British Monarchists Society? The answer is YES! The British Monarchists Society provides great value throughout all levels of membership! With discounts, savings, two-for-one deals and much more. BMS members get more than they can imagine with an annual membership of the British Monarchists Society. Premium level memberships include the Passport to Britannia and the Passport Plus, however prime membership such as Pearl and Armed Forces levels can take advantage of several relationships created with our members in mind.

As a valued BMS member, you can rest assured that not only is there direct benefit and value to you in becoming a member of the Society, but yo will further have the piece of mind knowing that your membership further helps to endorse and spread education about the Crown around the Kingdom and the globe!

Such exclusive BMS member benefits include, but are not limited to, advertised relationships such as the following: 


Members of the British Monarchists Society currently enjoy a discount of 20% at Ping Pong Restaurants (8 London Locations) and The Crusting Pipe at Covent Garden (except for lunch/dinner on Saturdays).


Members of the British Monarchists Society enjoy a corporate rate at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, plus 20% their bills within restaurants, lounges and bars within the property.  Our members can take advantage of this corporate rate by clicking on the link below.

Home/Business Storage Solutions

The British Monarchists Society is proud to welcome Attic Self Storage as an affiliate, offering storage solution discounts to BMS Members. Attic Self Storage is currently offering four (4) weeks of free storage to BMS members.