22 September 2022

Apple Podcast "The Firm" fts. BMS Founder in final episode paying tribute to late Queen.


Apple Podcast “The Firm” fts. BMS Founder in final episode paying tribute to late Queen.

Chapter 13 of “The Firm: Blood, Lies, & Royal Succession – “Queen Elizabeth II Tribute: A Life of Duty and Service”, has been released. This is a special edition of the podcast series and was released just two days after the death of Her Late Majesty. Our Founder features in this episode with 16 individual contributions @ 02:17-03:08, 06:14-07:52, 08:46-09:08, 09:35-09:52, 09:58-10:04, 13:28-14:31, 14:40-16:26, 17:44-18:03, 18:16-18:54, 19:06-19:53, 29:21-30:44, 31:45-32:43, 33:16-34:08, 34:42-35:22, 35:23-36:20, 37:11-37:34.

As this is the a special instalment of this great series, Thomas was honoured to participate and to honour the life, duty, and sacrifice of the late and great Queen Elizabeth II. Have a listen if you are interested in this last instalment and learn how Elizabeth II was not only Britain’s longest ever-reigning monarch, but how she will also be remembered as one of the country’s most beloved sovereigns. In this special tribute episode we celebrate the life and reign of a queen who devoted herself to the service of her people, and examine how the monarchy will adapt and evolve under the reign of her successor, Charles III. What will his promises to modernize the institution mean? And how will he handle the ongoing crises presented by younger brother Prince Andrew, and youngest son Prince Harry?