The British Monarchists Society


The British Monarchists Society created “Roary” as its mascot during the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, the Queen in 2012. Roary encompasses the ethos of the society, its members, and its overall mission, which is to support and defend the monarchy as well as the traditions, history and education associated with it. There are many symbols pertaining to the composition of the mascot of the society, as Roary takes the form of a lion, one of the many known English symbols within both British history and heraldic terminology. Roary symbolises the might and majesty of England, from which the British monarchy was born: represented by the lion. The crown which sits upon the Roary’s head is the symbol of the British Crown, but designed in a specific way that represents the society itself within its company logo and its overall position within public life. 

Roary appears with an open mouth, sounding off to those around him, which reflects the actions of the British Monarchists Society in championing the defence of, and education about the British monarchy. Roary is quick to defend and explain, whilst educate and help the public understand the institution of constitutional monarchy within the modern 21st century. Notice the colour of Roary – purple. Purple is the known international colour of Royalty, and as such reflects the overall theme of the society and it’s mascot in their endeavour to support the hereditary system of constitutional monarchy within the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms. Roary appears strong, well groomed, regal, and majestic – all attributes the society reflects in its mission to uphold and defend the principles of the British Monarchy.