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The 70th Birthday of The Prince of Wales

From the Office of The Founder

The 70th Birthday of The Prince of Wales

14 November 2018

The British Monarchists Society would like to wish His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales, many happy returns this most special of days. We wish His Royal Highness every happiness as he continues to make history as the longest serving Heir Apparent and Prince of Wales in British history. Prince Charles has a proven history of charity and countless good deeds and initiatives which prove him to be one of the most hands-on and caring Royals this nation has seen since Queen Victoria’s Consort, Prince Albert.

His Royal Highness’ initiatives have stretched long and far, nearly as long as the record he has taken from Edward VII, who held the title of Prince of Wales for more than 59 years before becoming king.

Many of which have been funded by his own funds, others which have seen the help of his personal friends, national corporations and the general public, to come together at his insistence in making a positive change for the betterment of the United Kingdom. For without Charles, hundreds of thousands of people per year would not receive the training, help and sustenance that is provided by his greatest achievement, The Princes Trust.

For a man who is at times a misunderstood figure, there is certainly no doubt as to where his loyalties and passions lay, and they are with the betterment of, and care for the British people. Many heartfelt congratulations from The British Monarchists Society. Happy Birthday!