The British Monarchists Society

August 2020

BMS Responds to Russia’s HTB Network: Harry & Meghan Book

BMS Founder appears on HTB Russia – “Finding Freedom: Harry & Meghan and the making of a modern Royal family”. 11 August 2020 – HTB Russia: “Mystery of Buckingham Palace: A book is published that promises to shed light on the contradictions within the British royal family.” British Monarchists Society Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, appears on […]

The Ockham Razor of Royal Equality

By Mathew Groves, BMS Blogger in Residence Notorious left-wing agitator Peter Tatchell has something of a history of trying to slur our institution of Monarchy as racist.  Recently he put out a tweet suggesting that a hereditary monarchy is racist because people of colour cannot become head of state.  He was intentionally trying to jump […]