The British Monarchists Society

June 2020

Nihilism versus History

By Blogger-in-Residence: Matthew Groves All monarchists should care about history and identity.  It must be said that history is the story of imperfect men who were determined by their times.  Nonetheless we commemorate our historical figures for what they attained of immemorial and eternal value.  We are forgiving enough of human nature to recognise every […]

The Spirit of Restoration

By Blogger-in-Residence: Matthew Groves On 29th May 2020 those who remembered, celebrated the 360th anniversary of the Restoration of the British Monarchy.  In 1660 the English and Scottish attempt to function as republics had failed miserably.  England’s Protestant elite turned to their exiled Scottish king in France, Charles Stuart.  They had committed regicide in 1649, […]