The British Monarchists Society

April 2020

Stars and Stripes: Fame and Noblesse Oblige…

By: Matthew Groves – BMS Blogger in Residence Recent revelations of the alleged reaction from Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to Royal life have been negative. In particular, the complaint as it has been revealed by Ashley Pearson, expresses that the Duchess was uncomfortable with the level of duty, drawing a comparison with the lack of […]

Coronavirus for a Cause

Coronavirus for a Cause Republicans harness epidemic to derail meaning of Queen’s Historic Address. By: Matthew Groves Blogger in Residence: British Monarchists Society At a time of national emergency such as the one we are currently experiencing; the underlying importance of the Monarchy is very much highlighted. With the broadcast of Her Majesty’s historic speech on 5 […]

Coronavirus and the Crown

Keep Calm and Do Not Carry OnThe Crown in the Time of Coronavirus. By:Matthew GrovesBMS Blogger in Residence We are living in strange times. Times that see us frustrated, anxious and in a perpetual state of confusions. With a near lock-down and a massive expansion in the powers of the state, greater than at any time during […]