The British Monarchists Society

October 2019

Protecting Crown History

#BMSProtectingCrownHistory The BMS is committed to protecting and preserving the legacy, function and place of the Crown throughout the nation, this time with the incentive to identify, evaluate and repair crumbling and deteriorating Royal monuments. The Vision: The BMS Royal Memorial Restoration Alliance – The United Kingdom Increasingly finds its Royal memorials, plaques and other […]

Defending Crown Finances

#BMSDefendingCrownFinances The Society defends the Crown against misinformation and republican attack surrounding Royal finances, this time with a suggested positive change as to how the Palace is funded in regard to Treasury involvement. The Vision: Revision to Royal Funding – When Royal Finances are released, the media is rife with speculation, snide remarks, wrong and […]

The Realms Portrait

#BMSRealmsPortrait ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN: The British Monarchists Society was successful in celebrating Her Majesty’s 2015 milestone in becoming the longest reigning Sovereign in British history on 9 September 2015. The Society celebrated this historic day by gathering Her Majesty’s Realms together for the purpose of a collective gift from her people around the world, by […]