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Becoming a member of the British Monarchists Society has never had so many benefits! In addition to advocating traditions, supporting the heritage of the British Crown, and advancing education relating to the governmental responsibilities of the Monarch, BMS members save big at many of our affiliates all across the United Kingdom! With our “Passport to Britannia” and “Passport to Britannia Plus”, BMS members more than offset the cost of membership, but pay for it through the goods and services discounts that are provided within certain levels of BMS membership. Become a member and start saving today! READ MORE!!


Our Campaigns are designed to support, defend and protect many different aspects of the British Crown in the 21st century. Will you join us by supporting our efforts?

Royal Support 2022

Protecting Crown History

Defending Crown Finances

The Realms Portrait


The Fight for The Crown of Barbados

VE Day 75: The Queen’s Address

Birth of Cambridge Baby Three: What do we celebrate?

The succession of the “Head of Commonwealth”


News Today World BMS Bermuda Feature

Barbados Today features BMS

An Open Letter to the People of Barbados:

BMS Responds to Russia’s HTB Network: Harry & Meghan Book


The Ockham Razor of Royal Equality

Prince Hal and a New Falstaff?

Nihilism versus History

The Spirit of Restoration


Crown & Country Radio is the world’s first and only Royal themed radio station, streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Royal themed talk shows, news about the British Royal family and many other aspects of Royal life, Crown & Country Radio has something for everyone! Crown & Country Radio brings listeners the latest music through the UK and American top 40 charts, special themed music shows, the monarchy, politics, news, and global issues affecting the nation, such as Brexit, human rights, and climate change. The station further explores the special relationship between the UK and the US, and seeks to act as an inclusive platform for people on both sides of the Atlantic with a keen interest not only in Royalty, but issues within the United Kingdom. We endeavour to help our listeners understand more about life within both respective countries, and further engage in dialogue about Constitutional Monarchy, democracy, society, and everyone’s favourite family, the British Royal family..


H.M.The Queen & The Royal Family

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales & Family

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

H.R.H. The Duke of Kent & Family

Her Majesty's Court Circular